Shalom Everyone

Thank you everyone who has shown interest in our fellowship over the past 3.5 years.  This will be the final message from Psalm 133 Fellowship for the foreseeable future.  We are shutting down the fellowship and will no longer be meeting.  For more information please read the details below.  For those that are still looking for fellowship please look into:


Grace Messianic Fellowship in East Peoria (


Shalom Assembly of Yahweh in Sterling (


Psalm 119 Fellowship Finder (


Thank you to those that are choosing to read the longer message for all the details.  We opened our doors to the  public in May of 2018 with a goal of ministering to the central Illinois community.  With plans to strive for unity among everyone and allow everyone to walk out a Messiah centered Torah observant life.  Initially we had a strong response to this and grew steadily through 2019.  In 2020 once COVID restrictions started there were some divisions that happened with response to that, among other things.  These divisions grew to a point where more than half of the fellowship decided to leave the Psalm 133. After that we were much smaller but still desiring to minister to the community.  After the fall feasts in 2020 we felt we needed to ask Yahweh for his desires for our fellowship and set out a "fleece", as Giddeon did, that was to be accomplished before the 2021 spring feasts.  When those arrived there was some discussion as to if the "fleece" was met or not.  We decided to set out a second "fleece", as Giddeon did, that was to be answered by the fall feasts 2021, making sure to ask for something that was so clear there would not be any uncertainty of the results of the "fleece".  We have now reached the fall feasts and it is clear that it is not Yahweh's will that this fellowship continues.  As much as all of us wanted this fellowship to succeed and believed in what we were trying for, we cannot go against Yahweh's will.  We hope everyone can understand this.  Please pray for those of us that are having to make decisions on where to lead our families next.


Once again.  Thank you for those of you that showed interest in our fellowship and/or prayed for us.  May Yahweh's blessing be upon you all.

Shalom and Blessings